Some years ago I put my lifelong passion for wine into practice by becoming a wine producer. I wanted to make wines that would reflect my ideas about which grape varieties to use, and about the most correct and respectful ways of turning them into wine.
I believe that each grape variety should be planted in the environment that best suits it. The producer’s job is to transform the grapes – as naturally as they arrive from the vineyards – into wines that express the characteristics of soil, habitat and growing season these grapes are a fruit of.
A respect for these factors precludes all predetermined styles of wine, too often produced following momentary fashions. I am happy when consumers understand a wine to be the result of specific growing conditions, with whatever natural variabilities these may entail. Only then they can appreciate a great wine as being a unique and true expression of a grape, its territory and its producer


My Wines

Sauvignon “Voglar”
Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon “Iugum”