Sauvignon blanc

„Voglar“ is the old name of the area where the vineyard of the property is located. It comes from the Trentino dialectical expression “fogolar” meaning “fire place”. Originally, the vineyard was planted to Schiava, a local red variety, but from 1988 to 1991 it was entirely replaced with Sauvignon Blanc. My studies of both this site and the grape variety led to the conclusion that exposition, elevation and the high content of limestone in the soil of this vineyard constitute excellent conditions for Sauvignon blanc. The relatively high elevation of the slope allows for full ripening of the grapes without loss of acidity or aroma. My goal was a wine with a complex aroma of tropical fruit (without notes of unripeness) and with the acidity and structure that allows for several years of evolution in the bottle.

Vineyard: 3 hectares, terraced slopes, in Penon (municipality of Cortaccia), elevation 500-600 m, sandy soils with a high amount of dolomitic limestone.
Vines: Sauvignon blanc, 5.000-7.500 vines per hectare, simple cane pruned (Guyot)
Harvest date: Middle to end of September

Vinification: The must fermentation takes place in large acacia wood barrels for approximately 10 days, at 22°C temperature. The wine is then left in the barrels on its lees until May. In the first three months the lees are stirred every 10 days. Then, the wine is bottled and stays in the cellar for at least a year before release. Annual production: 25.000-30.000 bottles
First vintage: 1990